Post-Winter Home Improvements

Spring, the season for warmer days and enjoyment of life outdoors! When the weather changes and we finally put the blankets away, our first instinct is to head outside. This also means, that as homeowners, it is the perfect time to check your house for any wear or tear that may need to be addressed in the coming months. It may also mean that you are finally ready to install the deck you always wanted, put in the fence for the dog or maybe even a Kitchen Reno!

Whether it is a small task or a large one, it is ALWAYS important to make sure your home and your contractors have adequate coverage. Home remodeling can be an invasive process with a lot of changes occurring to your home and your everyday lives. Here are some tips to follow when starting the process.

1. Check insurance!

Before the project starts, make sure to hire a licensed and insured contractor so that in the event the home is damaged during the process or a worker is injured, you are not liable. Remember to not just check the contractor themselves, but also any sub-contractor that is hired under them.

2. Talk to your agent.

Shortly after the project is complete, be sure to give your agent a call in order to update your homeowners insurance. Coverage may need to be increased so that you will be covered for the cost of repairing or rebuilding the home after the improvements are complete.

3. Don’t forget what goes in that nice new addition!

Personal property should be taken into account as well. Did you buy new furniture or install new surround sound? Let your agent know. Pictures always help too!

Now get outside and enjoy the weather!